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Thread: food plot items and STUFF for sale

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    food plot items and STUFF for sale

    since the snow season I gather is over for this yr

    I have some Food plot implements I am looking to sell, as I lost a farm I used them on and don't need them

    I have two 8 ft drag behind disc, one was fully rebuilt in 2013 and NOT used since, has slotted front blades, in great working order

    second disc is a slightly lighter model, and has slotted rear disc's, and hasn't been used in about 10 yrs, but does work, joints might be a little stiff from sitting but solid frame and blades
    BOTH disc have same set up , so one can be used for parts if ever needed, will sell one at a time or both as a deal too!

    I also have a nice Brillion made 10 ft double row cultipacker in excellent working condition

    these are becoming RARE to find and prices have been climbing like mad for past few yrs

    Last I have a NICE two stage snow blower, its an older model Snapper made, forget HP right now but I think its 7 hp)
    was bought by an uncle, in I think 1998, (I have the receipt was like $998.99 new) he used it 1 yr and he passed away
    I used it a few times at his place that winter, and it sat in a garage ever since
    this summer I pulled it out, was still in good shape, rust free tires are solid NO dry rot
    BUT carb was green, so replaced carb, (gas tank was drained before storing all these yrs)
    changed oil, new plug
    and she fired up in two pulls

    I repainted it and have NOT used it this winter(well NO darn snow? LOL)
    and rather than store it again, as I really don't need it
    it too is for sale
    its like new , even though it a late 90's machine LOL

    have a old 1970's outboard motor too, hasn't been started in a bunch of yrs, but in nice shape
    I also have a bunch of older tractor parts and electric motors and STUFF(just cleaned out a old er garage I had off a 100 yr old farm, so a bunch of STUFF, old chain saw's and pipe treader tool kit..

    SO< if anyone has any interest in anything listed, please PM me, and I can email you some pictures of??
    Thanks for looking!!

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    Please email me pics of what you are selling thanks

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    sent you an email!

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    sold one disc, so only one left, asking $700.00 it, still have rest of items too

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    a few pictures

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    and a few more

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    sold disc, BUT still have cultipacker and still have the ATV spring tooth harrow for sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbb View Post
    sold disc, BUT still have cultipacker and still have the ATV spring tooth harrow for sale
    how much, can I get a pic to view?

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    the cultipacker I am asking $ 1900.00, like models in worse shape are all over the web, ebay and tractor sites with asking prices of 2500-4200, so, I am below them a bunch, and its like brand new

    the ATV disc harrow I will let it go for $250 and it comes with an almost complete extra one I never got around to finishing, and even a few extra parts

    as for pic's I cannot get any to load here, so, you need to PM an email address and I can send you some pic that way!
    I would be willing to
    if someone wanted it all I will let it all go for $2000.00
    a NEW packer like this, I was price quoted for $6200.00 but it would be all steel and NOT iron like mine

    but this one is 100 % condition very rare to fine anymore!

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    OK an Update, sold most things, still have a 12 ft boat, a 17 ft canoe and a small ATV sized spring tooth harrow,that also has a second one for parts and then some extra parts
    AND if anyone is onto STUFF< I made a double row pile of assorted STUFF in 30 gallon totes and 5 gallon buckets, about 1500+ lbs of STUFF, looking to sell in a bulk deal, take it all in a lump cash offer!

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